Geometry Dash Acid Factory

Geometry Dash Acid Factory

Immerse yourself in catchy music and climactic obstacles in Geometry Dash Acid Factory's toxic matrix. JefryKawaii is the creator of this user-level game with a difficulty rating of 4 stars. Acid Factory is the first level in the Poison Gauntlet, which comes before Beast Mode Full. Additionally, gamers can control the object to collect all three user coins to completely conquer this difficult game.


Adventure in the Acid Factory

The Acid Factory level starts with a half-speed cube area with pieces that drop or fall when landed on. Players must maneuver the object to hop through obstacles to move into the next ship sequence. The following arrangement features moving blocks and undetectable estimate portals, copying and breaking down mechanical developments. The entity can move upwards or downwards between objects to avoid collisions.

The next segment is a simple mini-cube area with blocks that require great jumps. Players at that point enter a mini-sized ball portion with speed changes. The UFO fragment is corrosive but poses no danger, and gears serve as deterrents. Gamers continue with the cube form of the main object, with some measure of portals and speed changes. At 86%, the entity becomes a robot, utilizing speed and estimating change before entering a final ship segment.

The ultimate 5% of the level is a ship fragment, signaling the conclusion of the level. Players must control the object to fly straight until reaching a cube portal and a half-speed alter. Once they beat the level, the title "Corrosive Plant" will appear with the names "Jefry" and "Paola".

Location of 3 user coins

User coins in this version are collected quite easily. The places where they appear do not pose much danger. Specifically:

  • The first coin is in the 5% position. Gamers control objects to jump over columns with blocks above to collect them.
  • The second coin is in the ship segment at position 31%. The object needs to move down toward the terrain below to collect.
  • The third coin appears at the end of the matrix, in position 98%. You just need to direct the entity to fly straight to collect it.