Fall Beans

Fall Beans is a game of competition between adorable beans to win the final top ten. The player will control a main bean to participate in the challenges of the rounds. Each round will have a different game rule, such as racing, matching, etc. Your task is to control your character to complete the challenges in the final top ten of each round to continue to the next round.

Fall Beans has no instructions and every time you lose, the player will have to start over from the first round. Quickly discover the rules in each round. When the top ten have been determined, the round ends. On the contrary, if your character is not at the peak, you will lose and start over.


Control the lovely bean

For the main character to operate in the maps of Fall Beans, the player uses the arrow keys to direct movement:

  • UP arrow: move forward
  • DOWN arrow: run around again
  • LEFT arrow: go left
  • RIGHT arrow: go right

Note that the player's perspective will be from the right, so the straight movement control command will sometimes deviate from the map.

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