House of Hazards

House of Hazards

House of Hazards is a game of fun questing while avoiding dangers. The challenges in this game all take place in the familiar setting of a house with large rooms and gardens. Let's explore the main activities in this game!

The creative gameplay

  • The house seems to intentionally cause disadvantages for you. The main character may not feel safe in his own home. Horrible light fixtures, faucets that won't run, and evil slices of bread trying to attack you. That's everything that happens in everyday life that the character has to face.
  • Try to complete your daily tasks well. These activities could be making coffee, checking the mailbox, or watering the plants. Simple tasks, but not easy to do. Because the housemates' disruption will always follow and set traps anywhere.
  • So why don't you try harassing these friends again? Players can completely control the character to disrupt the lives of other entities by using the damage in the house, even locking them in chests.

The ultimate goal of all the players’ efforts is to help the main character escape this strange house.


How to control the characters

Players can participate in House of Hazards most conveniently in two modes: single-player or two-player. The specific maneuvering commands for each of these modes are:

  • Single-player Mode: Use the arrow keys to move or change the selection and the K key to do other actions.
  • Two-player Mode: Player 1 uses the WAD keys to move or change the selection and the S key to do other actions. Player 2 uses commands like the single-player mode.