Drift Boss

Drift Boss

Play Drift Boss and enjoy fiery and thrilling driving scenes at every extreme turn. The tricky main road is the leading factor causing the extreme difficulty of this challenge. Come here, players who love speed and adventure. This driving game will definitely be a real challenge for even the most professional players.

Furthermore, players also have the opportunity to explore a series of other attractive features. You can receive random rewards when performing daily missions. Don't forget to unlock new vehicle skins so the gameplay never gets boring. Check out more of our car games. Some other popular 3D drifting are Retro Drift and Winding Road.


Control Your Car

You will not be able to control the car's moving speed in Drift Boss. Instead, focus on holding and releasing the keys at the right time. Each time you hold down the key, the car will move to the right. Otherwise, release your hand to let the entity return to its original direction of movement. If the vehicle falls off the main track, the round ends. Your performance is calculated based on the distance traveled and the number of coins collected.

Drift like a Pro!

  • Pay attention to the small tips in the proposed game itself.
  • You don't need to drift your car along every curve.
  • Pay attention to speed to adjust flexibly in narrow passages.
  • There is no need to focus too much on collecting coins.
  • Use rewards to purchase vehicle upgrades.