Winding Road

Winding Road

Winding Road is an exciting high-speed game on an unlimited-air track. The player will control the car entity to make movements through sharp turns of death. You cannot control the speed of the main object, so be quick to control the track terrain to give timely control commands.

It only has one game mode and a single main character in Winding Road. Besides, the highway in the game also has no obstacles that will hinder your car. However, the road terrain will change continuously after each reset.


Driving through sharp turns

Given the entity's high speed and constantly appearing curves, the player's task is to navigate so that the car does not fall out of the air.

  • LEFT arrow or A key: to turn left
  • RIGHT arrow or D key: to turn right

Note that the main object will immediately return to the straight direction if it does not receive consecutive turn control commands. Therefore, with long turns, hold down the corresponding command keys to control the entity to operate continuously.

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