xx142-b2exe is a puzzle game with awkward mazes and strange gameplay. Players control a pink gem that moves in a matrix. The mission you need to complete is to successfully navigate the object to its destination within the allotted time. Levels in xx142-b2exe will be unlocked automatically when gamers complete tasks in the previous round.

Barriers will be the biggest obstacle, and they require a button to open. However, the main entity will not be able to maneuver the buttons on its own. After each losing turn, the main object will have an additional clone the following turn. That is, the more times you replay, the more allies you have. These additional entities will follow the direction of the object that moved in the previous turn. Thus, the more buttons you press, the more replays you will need.


Challenge with a gem and many shadows

You use the arrow keys or the WASD keys to direct the entity to move in the corresponding direction. Shadows will automatically be created when the gem moves.