Tunnel Rush

Tunnel Rush

Tunnel Rush invites you to participate in a space travel journey with the most tricky roads, challenging all limits. This first-person game will make your gameplay thrilling at every moment. Obstacles will come in all shapes and sizes and be extremely unpredictable. The only way to maintain a long run is to focus on timely improvisation.

Your score in Tunnel Rush will be calculated based on the distance you conquer. The levels in this game will have their own unique challenges in terms of obstacle design. Besides, the shaping changes of the pipes can also make you dizzy. Because you can't control the speed, you can only quickly discover the mechanics of the barriers and find ways to overcome them.


You just need to use the left and right arrows to navigate your breathtaking journey through these harsh pipes. Be sure to monitor the moving trajectory of the obstacles and the pace of the round to have the most timely and accurate key operations.

Tips and Tricks

  • Set short goals for each level to familiarize yourself with the obstacle features.
  • Do not move in the direction of the rotation of the obstructing blocks.
  • Do not navigate too much in the case of fixed blocks.