Tomb Of The Dash

Tomb Of The Dash

Tomb Of The Dash is a delightful crossover between two extremely addictive games. Players take control of the square character from Geometry Dash, but this time there are no hopping actions! Instead, it can move in a straight line wherever you want until the wall stops it. Collect all the coins inside the tomb, avoid the dangerous spikes, and let’s get running!

Tomb Of The Dash features simple yet immensely addictive gameplay. The character can move in any direction, but without taking a look at where it is heading, players can lead it straight into dangerous obstacles! Hence, the key is to calculate which way to go in order to collect the most coins while keeping the little square character safe. With 10 levels in total, players will have plenty of time to explore the tomb and collect all the stars available!


Control the square character with the arrow keys. Collect coins and stars inside the tomb and avoid touching obstacles.