The Impossible Dash

The Impossible Dash

The Impossible Dash is an obstacle course game with vertical paths full of spikes. Players adventure with a cube and conquer every level to win. Don't let any collisions happen, or you will lose immediately. On the main track, spikes have three main states: fixed, horizontal, and rotating. Pay attention to the sharp ends of these blocks; they will help you know the direction of movement of the barrier so you can take appropriate maneuvering steps.

The Impossible Dash includes seven levels with increasing difficulty in speed and map complexity. The layout in a round is the same. Therefore, you can try many times to get used to the control commands and terrain. Be careful in narrow safety passages where there are many sharp spikes. You will need high concentration to overcome them!


Players click on the screen to move the cube to both sides of the vertical wall. Get ready for constant mouse clicks to overcome the tricky spike system. Don't forget, you have up to seven challenging rounds waiting for you. Clear the entire round and become an expert in this difficult genre now!