Tennis Masters

Tennis Masters is a sports-themed game with intense competition that tests your professional abilities. Get ready for the most thrilling situations and create amazing swings. You will play the role of a competitor in a top match with the most skilled control experience. Defeat your opponent and move on to the next round, or continue practicing to prepare for the most effective official match.

Tennis Masters has two game modes: single-player and two-player. Gamers use the arrow keys and WASD keys to maneuver the main character. In addition, the hit or smash function keys are X, Z for player 1 and L, K for player 2, respectively. Besides, the game also includes diverse forms of participation, such as tournaments, friendly matches, and quick matches. Each type has its own rules. Let's find out right below!


The rules of this game

Real-world tennis matches served as inspiration for the general rules of this game. You are allowed to let the ball touch the ground once and then control the character to swing the racket to attack the opponent's court. Players will lose if the ball does not go over the net or hits the ball out. In addition, each form of participation in Tennis Masters has its own unique features.

  • Tournament: A thrilling championship tournament awaits you. Players need to win rounds to continue to the next round.
  • Friendly Match: This mode is for casual workout experiences.
  • Quick match: The mode for quick and continuous rounds.
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