Temple of Boom

Temple of Boom is a weapon combat game on dead-end terrain. Players control a character, using collected tools to shoot down villains. Depending on the game mode you choose, the mission will be different: escape or kill as many enemies as possible. Remember to be careful of poisonous spiders; you won't be able to do anything but steer your character away from them.

Players can participate in Temple of Boom in two forms: single-player and two-player. Single-player mode includes two forms: campaign mode with level challenges and endless mode with endless battles. In two-player mode, two players challenge each other in three different temples. Defeating opponents and eating the items they drop is a way to increase your strength.


  • UP arrow: jump or double jump.
  • LEFT and RIGHT arrows: move.
  • DOWN arrow: pick up a weapon.
  • Z key: shoot.
  • X key: switch weapon.
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