Super Bunny Man

Super Bunny Man

Super Bunny Man is a physics-based platformer featuring a man dressed like a bunny! Players maneuver one character and perform somersaults on the track to successfully reach the finish line. There are many obstacles appearing in different states and shapes, such as spikes, deep holes, giant rocks, and so on. The round ends when gamers direct the character to collect enough carrots and crash into a blue-white swirl hole at the end of the track.

Super Bunny Man's 15 rounds are divided into three main levels. Gamers unlock the round after successfully controlling the main entity to the finish line in the previous round. Don't bother with the timer because it only shows how long you spent in the round; it won't affect your win or loss.


  • W key: to jump up.
  • A key: to scroll backward.
  • D key: to scroll forward.