Suika Shapes

Suika Shapes

Adorable geometries and a thrilling jumping game make up Suika Shapes. In this game, items will combine to create a single, bigger creature. On the right-hand column of the main game board, players can keep track of the shapes' order. To merge items, you must drop them one at a time. The next object that will appear is displayed under “Next”. Besides, because the creatures in this game come in a variety of forms, their movements are unexpected. To get the ideal layout, please correctly align the location.

The game Suika Shapes is endless. The largest item you can make won't affect your score in the slightest. Still, the difficulty level will rise as larger things become harder to place. Should any entity come into contact with the pink line at the top of the board, you will lose.


Merge as many shapes as possible

Players click on the desired spot to let go of the item. To determine the most sensible techniques, take note of the shapes’ falling speeds.