Sudoku is an amazing puzzle game with the best analytical strategies to fill in the correct numbers. Train your mind with magical numbers and addictive logic. The appeal of the game does not come from fierce competition, top sports, or arduous adventures. It simply appears on a 9x9 game board with numbers filled in one by one. There's nothing more satisfying than filling in the correct letters in each box in an admirable amount of time.


Master the rule

The uniqueness of numbers in a column, row, and cell is the most important factor in Sudoku. The game's 9x9 board will be divided into six small frames. A digit may appear only once in its row, column, and frame. This is a prerequisite for players to be able to make accurate choices.


  • Difficulty Levels: Players can participate at different levels of difficulty, suitable for your abilities.
  • Timer Ticking: Time in Sudoku is not a countdown timer but a timer for each round of your game. From there, players can track your progress.
  • Pencil Marks: If you are not sure about your answer or want to take notes, gamers can use it right on the main board.
  • Hints: In case it feels too difficult and you can't find the number, you can choose any box to open.