Stickman Fighter

Stickman Fighter: Epic Battles is a game of skill and speed in which you will need to catch, kick, and punch other sticks. Many weapons are also available for you to use, but you need conditions to unlock them all. Players will control a stickman character with the task of defeating all other opponents.

The game has 40 levels and is unlocked one by one when you complete the mission in the previous round. Gamers need at least one star rating to continue to the next round. Each level will have a different number of targets and weapon opening conditions. Players completely destroy the game by conquering all the intense rounds.


Let’s battle with other stickmen

  • LEFT arrow: attack to the left.
  • RIGHT arrow: attack to the right.

The stickman's combat actions are automatic. Players only direct the character to rotate in two directions and activate movement.

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