Stickman Climb

Stickman Climb

Stickman Climb is a climbing game set in a dark mine. Players control a stickman sitting in a jar with an ax in hand. Your mission is to guide the movement of the object to reach its destination successfully. The safe terrain in this game is created from square blocks. Pointed triangles will cause the object to break. The checkpoints (if any) will be your replay locations. This game requires skillful maneuver commands and precise positioning. However, you have unlimited replay rights, so try the challenge many times to come up with your own strategies.

Stickman Climb has 30 levels with increasing difficulty. Players must complete challenges in the previous round to unlock the next round. The destination is flagged in red. Note that crossing the finish line too far will not count. In addition, gamers can change the vehicles and tools for the stickman by completing some required conditions. All of these devices have the same functionality.


Climbing with an ax

  • LEFT arrow: throw to the left.
  • RIGHT arrow: throw to the right.
  • Press the R key: to respawn.