Squid Fighter

Squid Fighter

Squid Fighter is an action game that will bring players to uncompromising hand-to-hand combat. The extremely attractive survival movie that made a splash, Squid Game, served as the inspiration for the game's two main characters. Upon entering the match, players will experience the most satisfying attacks. You will have to attack non-stop, or your opponent will knock you down easily. Actions also need to be highly strategic to strike effectively.

Gamers can choose one of two game modes: single-player or two-player. Get ready for the most dramatic situations, the most drastic actions, and a glorious victory. Your strength will be shown in the toolbar above the character you control. Make every effort to maintain strength levels. If it runs out, it means gamers lose. There is no other way but to continuously respond to survive to the end.



  • Single-player: When choosing this mode, the main character you maneuver is the person wearing the red suit on the left of the screen. Players use the W, A, D keys to move, the F key to punch, and the G key to kick.
  • Two-player: Player 1 (red suit character) navigates like the single-player. Meanwhile, Player 2 (green suit character) uses the arrow keys to move, the K key to punch, and the L key to kick.

Some tips for this game

  • Hitting continuously is sometimes not an effective way to play. A direct kick or punch will cause the opponent to lose more strength.
  • However, you should not stop taking action for too long. This will give the opponent character the opportunity to continuously counterattack. You may be confused and unable to react in time.
  • Combine kicking and jumping commands to give the main entity attacks that deal more damage.