Square Dash Up

Square Dash Up

Square Dash Up is an endless high-jumping game on platforms with different obstacles. Players will maneuver a square block that automatically slides to both sides of the terrain. Your mission is to jump up the stairs as high as possible to get the highest score possible. The dangers in this game are spikes and other circular entities. The object cannot collide with the spikes, or the round will end. However, the main character can jump on the balls to destroy them and collect stars. These items will help you unlock other skins for the entity with attractive features.


The marvelous characters

Square Dash Up has a total of 18 characters for players to explore. These objects will have different interfaces and energies. The higher the number of stars an entity requires, the more lives it will have. This means that if you own a square with five lives, you can let the entity collide up to four times and still be safe.

Control the character

  • A key: to jump on a platform (this command is used to knock down balls and get stars).
  • S key, or the left-click: to jump from this level to a higher level.

Players pay attention to the character's continuous side-to-side movements to make safe observations of movement. You won't want to jump up and hit the sharp spikes, right?