Spacebar Clicker 2

Spacebar Clicker 2

Join Spacebar Clicker 2 and experience a never-ending game filled with exciting discoveries. Appearing on the home screen are a space bar and a number counter. Players start the game by clicking the mouse or pressing the spacebar continuously to get points counted. Each click will be equivalent to a certain number of points, depending on the features you can unlock. These assists will be opened one by one when players reach the required score. However, this condition is not fixed; it will increase after each use. 

The special feature of games of this genre is the attractive support features. They will make gamers' scores amazing with increases from 100, 1000, to millions of clicks per minute. The higher the score, the greater the ability to select functions. From there, you can become a click prodigy with an admirable score.


Click like a pro

Gamers just need to click on the toolbar on the main screen or press the spacebar continuously for the number counter to work. Besides, you activate help by clicking on the box containing the content you want to select.