Snowball Racing

Snowball Racing

Snowball Racing is a racing game in snow-covered air over a vast ocean. Players will compete with other opponents to compete for first place. Your task is to direct the character to move around the field to create giant snowballs. This sphere will help the entity create a path to the next terrain. Repeat like that until you reach the finish line and win.

Snowball Racing has many levels and automatically opens as soon as you complete the mission in the previous round. Each level will have a different number of fields. The types of bridges and slopes in this game also have their own properties, requiring a certain amount of snow to be able to move through them.


The rules of this game

Players control the main object that creates spheres by moving around the ice rink. Once you reach a certain size, you won't be able to collect any more. At this time, direct the character to move to the side of the path with his color to create a path. Then, if it's not enough to move to another terrain, keep coming back to collect. Note that opponents with larger spheres can knock down the main entity and lose all items. Don't let them do that; stop them with faster speed and reach the finish line successfully.