Rating is a game of collecting items and surviving on a map with many formidable opponents. Players control a small snake and grow it by eating food in the yard. The items all have certain value, such as increasing the size of the character or providing great abilities. You will not have to face dangerous obstacles. Instead, other snakes are the ones that players need to be wary of.

In, you direct the snake to move around the field by moving the mouse. One easy navigation makes your gameplay more complete. Dramatic turns or unique strategies to destroy opponents will happen more smoothly.


Rules of this game

All characters appearing on the map have the same function. That means that even if you are a sneaky little snake, you can still destroy a giant snake. After being defeated, objects will leave behind the items they have eaten. Players can absolutely collect these foods.

Defeating your opponents will depend on your smart control skills. If you hit another snake's tail, you will lose and reverse. Why not try speeding up and passing other entities? You can create a satisfying confrontation and win. Try it now!