Slope Unblocked

Slope Unblocked is a challenging sliding game on Bow Street with magical neon lights. Players may get dizzy on steep or soaring slopes. The movement of the main object also becomes unbalanced. Your task is to move the ball left or right to avoid obstacles, tunnels, or falling into deep holes.

Each restart, the design of Slope Unblocked will change. There is no other way, but you need to practice many times to get used to the movements of the entity and the difficulty of tricky, inclined surfaces. Besides, items in the map will help you unlock different interfaces for the main entity.


The charming feature Editor Mode

In addition to the existing features with dangerous slides, Slope Unblocked also provides players with a feature that helps you enjoy endless rounds of your own creation. Players click on “My Levels” to design and challenge your products. All the most typical items in the game are available in the inventory for you to easily customize.

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