Slither.io is an endless item collection game in an underground space with the participation of millions of players around the world. Players navigate an earthworm that eats glowing balls in the yard to grow in size and gain points. Your goal is to make the object as big as possible and survive as long as possible to climb the rank.

You will lose when the main object collides with another worm. When an object is destroyed, its body will turn into the items it collected. These balls will have a higher score than the ones available on the field. In addition, valuable items will occasionally appear that help increase the energy of the main object, such as acceleration, magnets, wide-angle vision, etc.


Entities in Slither.io will automatically move straight. Players move the mouse to control the direction of the object's crawl.

You can hold down the mouse button to speed up. However, each time you accelerate, the object's energy as well as your score are reduced.

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