Skibidi Toilet Geometry Rash

Skibidi Toilet Geometry Rash

Skibidi Toilet Geometry Rash is an adventure game on a map full of extremely complex spikes. The game's design is inspired by the awkward journeys in the Geometry Dash series. Players will take on the role of a normal skibidi toilet to participate in the challenge. Your task is to avoid colliding with all obstacles on the way. The game requires your high concentration and sharp reflexes to create timely command buttons.

Unlimited routes will bring maximum challenges. However, because the terrain does not change with each replay, players can try the challenge many times to get used to the map design. Upbeat music can become a great support tool if you know how to take advantage of it. Try to survive as long as possible to bring back impressive stats!


Control a normal skibidi toilet

The main character automatically moves from left to right in a side-scrolling fashion. By seeing impending threats and averting them, you can contribute to the object’s survival. Jumping is the sole evasive action the character is capable of. You must time your left mouse button clicks to make it active. You may also do the same by pressing W or the spacebar. Precision is essential on this crazy platform. Sometimes the best course of action is to act quickly. In other instances, planning ahead is a smart move.