Protect My Dog 2

Protect My Dog 2

Play Protect My Dog 2 and rescue your poor pet from a swarm of dangerous bees. Your mission is to help the little guy set up protective barriers. The bees will immediately attack when you finish building the pet's defense system. So, how to have effective plays and unlock every level in this game?


Explore the Game Rules

  • Your goal in Protect My Dog 2 is to use the in-game pencil and draw a protective fence.
  • You can draw anything, as long as it can block the bees from stinging the little dog.
  • Enemy impact can cause your drawing to move, so calculate carefully.
  • Some levels feature other dangers, such as polluted rivers, sharp spikes, and so on. Make sure your character doesn't collide with these obstacles.
  • Subsequent levels can only be opened when you complete the mission. In case you get stuck, you can use the hint feature.

Drawing the Fence

You use the mouse like a pencil and design strokes to protect the dog. Your pen only has a limited ink capacity, so use it wisely. As soon as you release your hand from the command key, bees will attack immediately. If the dog can stay safe for ten seconds, you win.