Pixel Warfare

Pixel Warfare

Pixel Warfare is an action game with fierce shooting battles. The game image is designed according to Minecraft's typical sandbox theme, with similar characters and effects. To start the game, you first need to choose or create a position with a certain number of participants. Players will participate from a first-person perspective. This makes your experiences more realistic and heart-stopping than ever.

Take advantage of the terrain on the map to hide and attack. There is no other way to win than to be the last person standing. New weapons will appear when players reach a certain score. A special point in Pixel Warfare is that you can only participate when connected to other players. This means that the characters appearing in the map are all players around the world, with no CPU involvement.


Complex situations in Pixel Warfare also require a diverse system of command keys:

  • Use the arrow keys: to move.
  • The right mouse button: to aim.
  • The left mouse button: to fire.
  • The spacebar: to jump up.
  • Press the left Shift: to run.
  • The C key: to crouch.
  • Number buttons 1 to 8: to change the weapon.
  • The keystrokes T and Enter: to open the chat box.

What are you waiting for? Find players or invite friends to join now to have exciting survival battles!