Pixel Slime

Pixel Slime

Pixel Slime is an obstacle course game that promises to bring unprecedented experiences. Players will take on the role of a little one-eyed monster that moves on shaky lines. Get ready to be dazzled by the screen movements in each character's powerful jump. You will need a high level of concentration and even have to replay the game many times to pass.

Pixel Slime includes 40 levels. New rounds will take place immediately after the object reaches the finish line. The destination is a yellow rotating square at the end of the track. The character's paths will occasionally rotate through each level. Overcome all the spikes on the track and reach the finish line safely to win!


Control a little monster

The character in Pixel Slime will automatically slide on the main terrain. Players click on the screen to maneuver the object's jump. The game requires pixel-precise timing. The arrangement of spikes will only give the entity a very small amount of room to move. Therefore, you need to use your ultimate ingenuity to conquer all the difficult levels in this game!