Paper Dash

Paper Dash

Paper Dash is a unique adventure game based on pages and sketches. The game is inspired by the rhythm-based movement series Geometry Dash. Players control a square to conquer difficult maps. Your task is to navigate moving the object on safe platforms or spaces and reach the finish line successfully. Besides, don't forget to collect stars to get the highest score.

Paper Dash includes 30 levels with increasing complexity of terrain. Players will be interested in the unique movements of the character. Without moving through a portal, can the character still change gravity? This exciting feature will make your rounds easier or more challenging. Although the main track is very short, the challenges it brings are not few. Immediately test your top navigation skills and clear all levels right away!


Adventure with a sketch square

Players click on the screen to make the character jump up. Advance warnings of gravity changes will be short-lived. So, stay focused and don't be afraid to try many times to get used to the erratic movements of the object!