Papa's Sushiria

Papa's Sushiria is an extremely attractive restaurant-themed game with interesting serving experiences. Gamers will play the role of the manager of a sushi restaurant. You will make the most delicious dishes and meet the needs of customers. Don't let customers wait too long and get bad feedback.


The marvelous gameplay

First, choose your favorite character to get started. Similar to other games in the Papa Louie series, Chef Papa continues to be away and entrusts the responsibility of looking after the restaurant to an employee he trusts.

Diners appeared one after another with different orders. Click on the request box to start cooking. You will need to take on the challenge via many stations with different tasks to perfect the dish, such as the Cook, the Build, and the Tea station. The main menu at Papa's Sushiria is delicious sushi and rice rolls. Players use the mouse to perform various operations, such as cooking rice and decorating sushi.

To become a good service

  • Effective time management. Customer satisfaction is always the number one priority at Papa's Sushiria. Positive reviews will increase your game's rewards.
  • Understand the characters who come to the restaurant. Please refer to the customer information archives to improve service quality.
  • Don't forget to use in-game money to buy necessary upgrades. This will help you unlock unique features to fully experience the game.

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