Papa's Cheeseria

Papa's Cheeseria

Papa's Cheeseria is a cooking-themed game featuring grilled cheese sandwiches. The task you need to perform is to serve these delicious dishes to customers to earn tips and upgrade the store. It sounds simple, but to satisfy customers, you need an investment in each product.



Players take on the role of a restaurant manager while chef Papa's is absent. Papa's Cheeseria begins as soon as you choose a favorite character to control. First of all, take the customer's order and start making toast right away!

Players will need to perform missions through three main stations: Build Station, Grill Station, and Fry Station.

  • Build Station: This is where delicious sandwiches need to be grilled. Click on the screen to select the crust. Then, move to the point to get cheese and other ingredients. You continue to perform mouse operations to select the type required by the customer.
  • Grill Station: Once you have the right cake, you will proceed to bake the cake for your guests. Players pay attention to the dot (possibly missing any corner) at the end of the game in order to do it correctly. If you feel the product is not satisfactory, you can drag and drop the mouse to throw it in the trash and make another one.
  • Fry Station: The final touch before serving the dish is the crispy fries to go with it.

After completing all tasks to perfect a toast, players drag and drop the order paper to bring it to the customer. The amount of in-game money you receive depends entirely on the rating of these characters.

The ranking system

In Papa's Cheeseria, players may advance through 65 levels, earning the title of "Newbie" and ending up as "Better than Papa." Players may utilize the additional money you earn to enhance the restaurant by unlocking new customers, items, and even better salaries in rank.