OVO is a robot adventure game in simple, featured terrain with unique movements. Players control a character who goes through different terrains and challenges to successfully reach the finish line. This game mainly focuses on amazing jumps. Jump over spikes, jump onto high terrain, and jump to survive. The bonus points will be equivalent to the amount of money you earn. You can use them to unlock other skins for the main entity in the in-game store.


The appealing controls

The new adventure gameplay in OVO comes with familiar but equally tricky maneuvering commands.

  • LEFT arrow: go left.
  • RIGHT arrow: go right.
  • UP arrow: to jump up. In the case of a higher jump, you need to press the key continuously three times to do it. Wall climbing situations require this key combination with the left or right arrow to overcome.
  • DOWN arrow: to slide down. For areas with inconsistent track images, you need to navigate the entity to jump up and then press the down arrow to get down to the terrain below. In addition, players can also navigate attacking objects in the air with this command key to destroy obstacles.

50 levels of OVO with difficulty ranging from medium to impossible are waiting for you to explore. Jump, slide, dodge, climb, or do every other movement to complete all the levels. Get your game on now!