Only UP GO Parkour

Only UP GO Parkour is an endless exploration game with challenges to conquer breathtaking heights. You will play the role of a guy and go on an exciting adventure. You can do anything in the city, including aimless movements around the city. The main task will be to find steps that can help the character move to higher terrain.

Only UP GO Parkour is a game without losing. Players can freely operate without worrying about scores or time. The nature of the game gives you unlimited experiences. At the same time, this is also an opportunity for gamers to practice the absolute alignment skills. A mistake in a jump can cause the character to fall. You wouldn't want to fall to the ground when you're already at an impressive height, right?


The appealing gameplay

First of all, get familiar with the movements and terrain in Only UP GO Parkour. You need to master movement control commands with the arrow keys and jump operations with the spacebar key. Besides, move the mouse to look around. After mastering these commands, players navigate the main character to find the point to start conquering heights.

Familiar objects in the city will be stairs for you to explore. Their distance and safe range are different. Gamers need to use all navigation commands to observe, strategize, and jump accurately.

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