Only Up! Forward

Only Up! Forward

Only Up! Forward welcomes you to a beautiful world with the challenge of conquering the most breathtaking heights. Get ready for a journey that won't lose you but will cause your extreme rationality to collapse. Enter the virtual city with stunning designs and endlessly challenging jumping gameplay. What can you do to conquer the high score? There are no limits to this challenge, and only when you explore for yourself will you know how good your skills are.

Players will take on the role of Jackie, a teenager with an endless passion for adventure. Break down barriers, master chaotic gravity, jump to the highest positions, and become the ultimate adventurer. The game does not require strict skills, but you will need patience to practice and master the control commands accurately.


Jump to the Sky

  • Mouse: look around.
  • [↑] or [W]: go straight.
  • [↓] or [S]: go reverse.
  • [←] or [A]: turn left.
  • [→] or [D]: turn right.
  • Spacebar: jump up.

The Marvelous Features

  • Clear graphics with beautiful city images.
  • The adventurous sound entices players to stay for hours.
  • Adventure gameplay combined with jumping challenges every player's extreme skills.
  • The controls are simple, but the character's movements are the real challenge.