Obby Land

Obby Land

Obby Land opens up a playground with many attractive places to visit and interesting missions. Players take on the role of Obby and go on his never-ending adventure. Covering the entire world are stairs and obstacles with colorful rainbow colors. There are a bunch of other players joining you, but don't worry; they won't affect the main entity.

Each space in Obby Land has a journey with different difficulty levels. There aren't any time limits, so you can practice for hours to conquer impressive heights. The game requires players to have lightning reflex skills because the stairs will appear continuously. Either you reach the destination (a small platform like a checkerboard) or you will fall to the ground and have the challenge of jumping all over again.


Players navigate the character by using the arrow keys to run around the field and pressing the spacebar to jump. Besides, don't forget to look around by right-clicking and moving the mouse. In the end, what's more satisfying than standing on top and looking down at the beautiful world?