Neon Swing

Neon Swing

Neon Swing is an arcade game where a stickman must swing on a rope to avoid a dangerous red laser. A lethal red laser will be chasing your character. If it hits the object, your run is over. The level has a range of bouncing platforms and obstacles that are placed at random. Using trampolines to swing from one place to another is a great way to extend your reach. The crimson wall is drawing nearer, but once you pass over it, there's no going back! Remember to take advantage of the trampolines in front of the main entity, since they could also make things a bit more challenging.


Escape from the dangerous red line

Hold down the mouse to make the ball turn into a stickman and swing on the rope on round pillars. You adjust the appropriate force, then release your finger to let the entity fly away. Continue to create continuous swing orders if you don't want the dangerous red line to catch up with you.