Mr. Mine

Mr. Mine is an idle mining game with the qualities of an attractive clicker entertainment option. Players will take on the role of a manager for an underground mining job. By collecting resources and selling them, you can upgrade the features of your round.

Mr. Mine has three main centers: manufacturing, recruitment, and sales. All objects require in-game money to exchange. Players use the arrow keys to explore the depths and surrounding spaces underground. Clicks will be used to collect resources, especially minerals. Selling these items will help you earn more in-game money. So, is this underground endless? Let's discover right here!


Explore the depths of the earth

Impressive depth in Mr. Mine goes up to 1814 km, with a series of important milestones where you can unlock great abilities. Some stations can bring significant achievements, such as:

  • 45km: Build caves and find various rewards.
  • 50km: Golem - unlocks drill parts.
  • 100km: Chest Collector.
  • 225km: Broken Robot.
  • 700km: Chest Compressor.
  • 1135km: Buff Lab.
  • 1814km: Titan - unlock all drills and Hire Center to buy and upgrade workers.
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