Minesweeper is an entertaining game that tests your luck. The ultimate goal of this game is to find and mark the locations of dangerous mines. However, your task is not to find these objects but to avoid them. Safe cells to select will be numbers or empty cells. Each safe click will open one or a certain range of cells. You only win when you avoid all bombs and unlock all remaining boxes.

The marvelous features

  • A number will tell you how many of the adjacent squares have mines in them.
  • If the square has nothing, it means there are absolutely no mines around it, and they automatically open the safe range.
  • Winning the game is a matter of luck and extreme analysis. Numbers can help you, but they can also distract you.



First, players click on any box to get the first clues (or win outright, then you lose, what a pity). Then, rely on the numbers to judge the surroundings. In case you find it too difficult to win, you can use the support feature. You move the mouse to the box he wants to explore and press the H key to know what lies ahead. However, you won't be able to open all hints this way. After a certain amount of use, the square will open on its own, and it is very possible to hit a mine and lose. So, have the most reasonable strategies.