Mine-Craft.io gives you a similar experience to Minecraft, with more diverse discoveries. Players can gather resources and build structures to defend against hostile forces and other players. In addition, other discoveries in this world are endless. You can do everything as you please and establish your own empire. Daily quests can help gamers earn extra rewards and even start a business trading items with other players. Becoming a prosperous kingdom is only a matter of time.



  • Action: Action experiences in Mine-Craft.io mainly involve defeating powerful bosses.
  • Shops: There are two types of shops in this game: the default shop and the shop you create yourself. Valuable items are in there.
  • Visit: Gamers can visit the friends' worlds by clicking the "Players" button in the left corner of the main screen. However, only with that person's permission can you move there.
  • Auction: Anything that appears in your territory can be used as a sellable item. Players can offer higher prices, but they need to be reasonable. Whoever bids the highest price will win the item.

There are up to eight mini-games waiting for you to explore on Mine-Craft.io. What are you waiting for? Open your device and join the game right away!