Mine Blocks

Mine Blocks is a creative game in an open world of typical sandbox terrain. Players will take on the role of a character to explore, craft, and build your own world. Your experience will be unlimited. You can control the character to collect everything on the map, from trees to bricks in the terrain. The main task is to create shelters, weapons, and another new item.

Two interesting game modes

Mine Blocks has many features similar to the classic game Minecraft, the most prominent of which is the typical pixel style. This game includes two main modes with different specific tasks: survival and creativity.

  • Survival: Players will collect materials to create shelter, defense weapons, and food for the character. These structures will help the main entity resist attacks from monsters and enemies.
  • Creative: This is an endless world with a no-lose experience. The character can move freely and do all actions without any limitations. This mode will help you create your own architecture, cities, or even a universe that no one can bother with.



  • Players maneuver the main character in Mine Blocks using the arrow keys or WASD keys.
  • Attack or collect blocks with the left mouse button.
  • Use items, eat food, and place blocks with the right mouse button.
  • Open your inventory by pressing the E key.
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