Mello 2

Mello 2

Get ready for adventures in a maze of obstacles in a masterpiece of a user-level game, Mello 2. Players control a character moving through a map filled with spikes and saw blades. and many other scary machines. Gamers successfully unlock the round after navigating the character to collect keys and reach the finish line in the previous mission.

Mello 2 has a total of 50 levels with increasing difficulty, divided into five main levels. Players can choose a set of matrices with ten rounds of play unlocked one after another. Besides, you will also be able to re-engage with a map many times until you pass it. Therefore, don't be discouraged; practice many times and get yourself the most effective strategies to become an expert!


  • UP arrow: jump up.
  • LEFT arrow: go left.
  • RIGHT arrow: go right.
  • R key: restart the round.