Love Pins

Love Pins

Love Pins is a puzzle game with a very interesting love theme that is suitable for those who are looking for something new in its gameplay. You will play the role of a god of love, trying to help a couple solve all their problems to get together. Your mission is to remove barriers, eliminate dangers, and destroy automatic tools to open a safe path. If you love this game then you will also love playing Protect My Dog! Good luck!


Step-by-Step to Play

  • First, you need to analyze the design of the map and come up with an initial strategy to test.
  • Then, remove the bars one by one, in order.
  • Make sure that the character's path is clear of any obstacles.
  • The main threats in this game are thieves, ferocious dogs, bows, and cannons.
  • You win when two favorable characters come close to each other.

Tips and Tricks

You can take advantage of the obstacles themselves, so they can eliminate each other. The dog can make the thief run away, and the bow and arrow and cannons can destroy the other two. Some levels will appear as additional barriers, so pay attention to their uses to turn them into a powerful weapon.

Additionally, you may need to know because it is not always necessary to fully withdraw the barrier. In some cases, that separation is an advantage for you to solve that puzzle.