Helix Stack Ball

Helix Stack Ball

Helix Stack Ball is a casual game suitable for relaxing entertainment moments. Players will participate with a ball that bounces continuously. Your task is to make the object reach the bottom of the tower without touching the deadly range. While safe locations have bright colors, dangerous areas will be black. However, players can completely eliminate this concern by creating steps to clear multiple floors at once. A fireball will make the unsafe location no longer affect the ball.

Rounds in Helix Stack Ball will continue continuously after you succeed in each round. Note that, when an entity jumps on a platform, black spots will not cause you to lose. This means that range is only effective when the ball jumps from the upper level.


Control a bouncing ball

Gamers click to let the ball clear a platform. To perform a long drop, hold down the mouse button and release your finger to stop. Creating continuous attacks can help you create fireballs when certain requirements are met. However, it can also be detrimental to the feature if players do not react promptly. A little advice for gamers is not to rush because the rounds will not be timed. Therefore, you need to calmly pass as many levels as possible.