Google Feud

Google Feud

Google Feud is an interesting puzzle game that requires players to know the trending searches on Google about any content. On the main screen of the game, a Google search bar and a few suggested words will appear. Your task is to fill in the blank with a suitable word or phrase that is in the top 10 real searches to win points. Your bonus points depend on the ranking of the keyword you just queried.

There are four main topics proposed in Google Feud: culture, people, names, and questions.


How to find the correct answer?

There are two ways you can complete the round in Google Feud.

First, you can guess the missing word or keyword phrase yourself.

Second, you can use Google itself to refer to suggested words or keyword phrases.

After using the keyboard to enter the answer, the player clicks on the search icon to view the results. The higher your answer is ranked, the more points you will receive. Note that players are only allowed to guess incorrectly three times. Once finished, the game's main screen will display all the results for the question.

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