Goober Dash

Goober Dash

Adventure through a maze full of obstacles with an adorable little bean in Goober Dash. Players control the object to overcome all barriers and reach the finish line to win. The rounds in this game will take place consecutively as soon as you complete the task in the previous round. Every small collision can cause your turn to end and the character to be returned to the starting line.

An extremely attractive feature of Goober Dash that will immerse you in these matrices is the game mode. You can participate in the main race or explore games created by other gamers. In particular, you can also create your own matrices with obstacles available in the "Create!" section.


  • UP arrow: to jump up to the next stair.
  • LEFT arrow: go left.
  • RIGHT arrow: go right.

Pay attention to the question marks because they will be tips to help you overcome challenges more easily.