Giant Rush!

Giant Rush!

Giant Rush! Welcome to running gameplay combined with army building and extremely satisfying boss fights. You will play as a small stickman at first and participate in the journey of growing into a huge entity. Remember that you can only merge with characters that have the same color as the character. Each time you move past a glowing wall, this color can change. Therefore, players need to concentrate to have accurate navigation.

Explore the Marvelous Upgrade

At the end of each round of Giant Rush!, you will have the opportunity to collect sparkling gems. This amount of stored items can help players buy character upgrades such as kick power and increasing initial size. Also, don't forget to explore the in-game shop with a series of beautiful outfits.


Your character will automatically run at a constant speed. You hold down and move the mouse left or right to navigate the character. Collect the minimum number of warriors that reach the mark with the crown symbol. This is the ideal size to defeat the opponent in the end.

Additionally, after every four rounds, you will have a boss fight level. Since it's impossible to know how much strength is needed to win, try your best to make the main character as big as possible.