Geometry Vertical

Geometry Vertical

Geometry Vertical will challenge your precise controls with engaging platform gameplay. The lone cube's journey through lands full of obstacles will be both relaxing and thrilling. Each turn of control can create heart-stopping jumps. The goal is to avoid all collisions to safely navigate the character to the finish line. Your cube can only move through space or slide up spikeless walls. Pay attention to some dead ends that can also make you lose your guard and lose.

Some Exciting Information

  • Geometry Vertical is inspired by Geometry Dash. However, instead of a left-to-right scrolling journey, you'll experience a vertical adventure.
  • The typical obstacles you'll face are spikes, floating blocks, and dangerous ends.
  • The game has many levels with different difficulties, depending on the number of stars ranked in each round.
  • Players can participate in Practice Mode to walk through the main map with checkpoints.


Your character will automatically move from bottom to top. You use the left or right arrow keys to navigate the cube, avoiding dangers. Note that the main entity can be converted into a waveform with the characteristic of moving in a zigzag pattern. Besides, some special objects, such as rings, can make the character move with a leap.