Geometry Tile Rush

Geometry Tile Rush

Geometry Tile Rush is an addictive rhythm-based motion game with incredible experiences. Players control a square, participating in a difficult journey. Your task is to avoid colliding with all dangerous obstacles, such as sharp spikes and vertical walls. Even a small collision can cause your round to end.

Geometry Tile Rush currently has 30 levels. Rounds will open sequentially after each successful finish of the main entity. The game requires the players’ quick reflexes to detect barriers ahead. At the same time, the ability to align time is an important key for the most effective jumps. What are you waiting for? Challenge your professional abilities right away with this exciting game!


You click on the screen to make the square jump up. In case you need continuous and short jumps, hold down the mouse and release it to finish the operation. Get ready for non-stop operations that can make your fingers tired. Conquering Geometry Tile Rush will help you become an expert in the most difficult obstacle challenges.