Geometry Loop Jump

Geometry Loop Jump

Geometry Loop Jump is the ultimate spin game with creative obstacle challenges. Players control a cube that moves automatically in a closed circular space. Your task is to navigate the object that touches 100% of the main track's terrain. However, the challenges here will make your conquests more complicated. Sharp spikes constantly appear, and the arrows following will block the main character's path. In addition, other cubes will occasionally appear. They may cause interference but will not affect the main entity in the event of a collision.

Geometry Loop Jump has twelve levels with increasing difficulty in terms of the dense appearance of obstacles and the speed of the cube. The game requires players to have high concentration to have timely maneuvers. You can only complete the round when the circle is completed by a closed white line. New skins will be unlocked when you reach a certain requirement for the number of stars collected.


Slide with a cube

The cube will automatically slide according to the terrain of the main track. You click on the screen to navigate the object's jump. Hold down the command key to make a higher jump.