Geometry Dash yStep

Geometry Dash yStep

TheRealDarnoc (Darnoc) created the fan-made game Geometry Dash yStep with 10-star difficulty. The obstacle matrix in this version does not have many different shapes but is all very cleverly arranged. Besides, the designs of clouds, hearts, and music notes make the game attract many gamers. The game requires players to be professional Dashers with extensive experience. You win when the main entity reaches the finish line safely.



Geometry Dash yStep has a straightforward opening with a cube segment, where players utilize trampolines and circles to jump over spikes and columns. The organization gets more complex as the background changes color. A fast ball stage takes place, and gamers must control the object by tapping on circles to maintain a strategic distance from stumbling over spikes.

The game then moves to a cube, where the entity needs to move past obstacles using circles. The ship's arrangement follows spike clusters and hazards. Gravity changes, comparable to the Cycles level. The ultimate step is the cube. You will explore a few trap trampolines, but as it were, the ultimate trampoline is dangerous. To total the level, gamers must first pass impediments on adjusted gravity and then return to the initial one employing a trampoline.

A note for gamers when participating in Geometry Dash yStep is to pay attention to the terrain of the platforms. Occasionally, gaps will appear, causing the entity to fall to the ground below. Some sections will be safe locations, but there will also be times when collisions with sharp spikes occur in these situations. Therefore, the player's ability to observe is very important. Along with that, you can participate in many challenges and memorize the terrain to conquer.


  • Before being officially ranked as an Easy Demon, the Geometry Dash yStep was considered a Medium Demon.
  • This is one of the 11 most popular demons and is also in the top 35 most widely known user-level versions.
  • Geometry Dash yStep is considered one of the most simple matrices in the Demon level.