Geometry Dash Windy Circles

Geometry Dash Windy Circles

Overwhelming obstacle course challenges on an arduous adventure will be beyond your imagination with Geometry Dash Windy Circles. The game is published by keiAs, with difficulty reaching the peak of Hard Demon up to 10 stars. Players participate in the challenge by controlling an object to avoid colliding with all 10,925 barriers on the track. You can try the main round many times to get familiar with the terrain and gradually conquer the game.

An undetectable leap opens the level, and then there's a cube portion with different timings and gimmicks. In order to access a miniature spacecraft with a gravity portal, the player must tap a blue orb. After that, there is a ball part with timings and tricks in the level. In order to prevent crashing, the player must timing a blue jump orb. Next, the level enters the Nine Circles triple speed wave portion, which is distinguished by memory sections, gravity portals, and cramped quarters. The wave transitions to a dual wave, then an auto mini-wave segment, and finally a holding-to-pass part. A tiny wave portion at half speed concludes this round.


Navigate a unique geometry

The shape of the main entity changes continuously and automatically moves downward. Players use the mouse click, the up arrow, or the spacebar to control the entity to create amazing jumps on different terrains.

Note that touching the jumping balls is optional. Gamers can move the entity in other safe directions.